Concrete Driveways

What is the one of the first things someone sees when they come to your home? Your driveway is a core feature of your property which is why we understand the importance of getting the right look and feel! Your driveway is something you want to be proud of when you walk up and show your friends and family. When you upgrade your driveway your curb appeal will instantly go up. 
By building a well designed concrete driveway, you know you are getting a solution that will be long lasting and able to survive the Melbourne weather.
You’ll get a driveway that has a clean and smooth look and feel, and will be able to handle the foot traffic and vehicles impacting it every day.
We work with you to find a tailored style to the rest of your property so that it will compliment your existing build. 
If you are looking for a particular design, we will work with you to find the ideal solution. Whether if it’s a paved or sandstone aesthetic, we have the tools and know how. 

Custom Concrete Driveway
Our team of designers can create a bespoke area for you to park your vehicles on and be confident of the quality of the surface. We take exact measurements and specifications, then combine with the craftsmanship of creating a beautiful driveway as per your requirements.  Using our finishing methods, we can produce an end product you will be happy with.

Custom Concrete Footpaths
Often installed in conjunction with concrete driveways are concrete footpaths. We aim to make our concrete structures last the long term. We can create foot paths which are ideal for gardens, domestic, or commercial locations where there are a lot of pedestrians. We have a range of different colours and styles available. 
If you have a large garden and would like a professionally structured footpath so you don’t have to walk on the grass, then a concrete footpath is the solution.

Exposed Aggregate Surfaces

Exposed aggregate concrete is perfect for outdoor areas such as pool areas, driveways, paths, steps and landings and wears well under continual use. A lot of clients will often opt for an aggregate as it allows them to modify the look and feel of the driveway using concrete finishing methods. 
Our team will work with you on a plan to select your colours and preferred texture so you are happy with the finished product. Our exposed aggregate solutions are slip resistant with high levels of friction which you may require if your driveway is on a gradient. 
The exposed aggregate also hides stains and dirt better than a plain concrete due to it’s rough appearance.

If it’s a new driveway you are looking to construct, then look no further than Pro Concreter Craigieburn! However we can help you with all aspects of construction work, from footpaths to patios and foundations.