Concrete Repair

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Unfortunately finding cracks in your concrete driveways or patios can happen afters years of use, so when this happens we can work with you to fix the problem. Cracks may appear for a multitude of reasons from earthquakes, to thermal expansion. Any increase in pressure to the concrete will cause external and internal stress and can lead to cracks that need to be repaired.

Types of Concrete Damage

When you find damaged or cracked concrete, our team of contractors can help get your property back to normal ASAP. Your concrete may be eroded, sinking, or stained which can be a massive headache for you. One of the most common jobs we help clients with is cracked concrete, which can be fixed without having to re-do the entire job. If there is water damage, this can also cause erosion in the concrete. We use sealers to help prevent this for clients in future, which also helps protect from stains. 

Concrete Leveling
This is the process whereby we help fix unleveled slabs. This process is also known as mudjacking, and involves pumping concrete underneath the slab which forces it to rise and become level. This process is incredibly effective and is not very expensive to do. If you have an uneven driveway or patio and don’t know what to do with it, we can fix it with this crafty process. Clients love this as it saves them from having to replace their entire driveway. 

Our contractors are trained to lay the foundations, or repair old jobs. Our end goal is for you to be a happy customer with your concrete work!