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    Welcome to Pro Concreter Craigieburn!

    Our team of contractors pride ourselves in providing the best service for clients.  Large or small, you can always count on our team to provide you with a quality finish. 
    Concrete is core element of just about any type of building project and must be handled by a team of professionals who know what they are doing. Cement will become very durable and very resistant against for the Melbourne weather, whilst it also adds a clean look to your property. The durability makes it the perfect solution to meet a range of outdoor driveway or landscape garden that needs resurfaced.
    We guarantee that any cement slab or surface that we work on, for you means that you are guaranteed long term value for for the investment you make. Simple. That’s because your concrete surface will be able to handle everything thrown at it, including the weather and heavy foot traffic, without needing expensive repair or replacement. 

    Northern Suburbs Melbourne

    Our team are passionate about the trade and will offer bespoke service no matter the scale of the job. We work solely in the construction trade across a variety of different areas both commercial and residential. We are local lads from Melbourne and all based around Northern Suburbs, so Craigieburn is our most commonly worked location, however we are not restricted and can travel for jobs all over Melbourne! We cover everywhere from Carlton/ Fitzroy, to Craigieburn, Bundoora, Coburg, Kalkallo, Thomastown, Reservoir, Sunbury and more! We go by Pro Concreter Craigieburn and have been told by our customers we are the best concreter in Melbourne!

    We established the business over a decade ago and have since grown the business to a successful team of contractors and now have the capacity to cover all over the city!

    We Offer the A-Z Of Concrete Work

    Our professional team of contractors offer more than the average company, as we go above and beyond our competition. They are the reason why we are the preferred firm in the Northern Suburbs. The wide range of quality services that we provide is how we back up and live up to our promise of providing you with a top quality finish every time. We are the considered the premium contractor that can take care of any jobs that you need done. We start with the solid foundation of professional installation of a range of concrete flatwork and other outdoor surfaces. We offer our clients everything from exposed aggregate driveways and footpaths, landscape work, patio layout, walkways and even foundations for your garden.  We also work on bespoke projects for clients in decorative concrete such as stamped concrete and concrete staining. Check out our services page for more info.


    House and Shed Slabs

    Your property site preparation is vital when laying foundations. The attention given to this is the difference between an “ok” slab and a top quality slab. We pride ourselves on producing great cement pads for houses and sheds that are ready to build on.

    A slab is a layer of cement that is typically 100mm to 150mm thick in the centre and poured directly onto a prepared surface in one session of pouring. The edges of the slab (up to 600mm) are thicker to allow for extra strength around the edges. Some slabs are reinforced with steel rod sheets, whilst many others foundations utilise post tension cables. These materials are used to make the foundation durable and capable of handling the load bearing weight of the what is to be built. 

    Pro Concreter concrete

    Driveways and Patios

    Having your driveway poured with concrete needs to have a strong and long-lasting surface to support the cars and foot traffic.
    It goes without saying your driveway needs to be durable and structurally fit for all types of wear and tear. Due to the tough durability, cement is the superior choice of material for structures such as this. Concrete driveways are a lovely way to welcome visitors to your home. We also work with clients to lay exposed aggregate driveways, which offer a great non-slip surface for any driveway on a hill or slope. 
    Exposed aggregate is a common finish for clients who are looking to have their driveway done, which is where a thin layer of pebbles/ stones show near the surface of the concrete. This shows up as natural textures of the aggregate with the smooth gravel finish.

    The guy’s at Pro Concreter Craigieburn did a great job on our driveway – couldn’t have asked for a better job. Very efficient finished in good time and at a fantastic rate. Would recommend to anyone!” – Barry Watson. Coburg

    “We had a great experience with these guys. Our new exposed aggregate driveway looks amazing. Job was done in a timely manner, and they stuck to the original quote even though it ended up taking a bit longer to do! Thanks again Pro Concreter Craigieburn!” – Sarah Taylor, Reservoir


    Flatwork covers all surfaces such as foundations, patios, driveways and pavements, car parks. It is a commonly used term for any building component that is placed down to form a flat surface. It is a very common job we do for residential and construction concreting jobs.
    We guarantee any flat work job we do will be smooth, seamless and perfectly put together.
    Our team of professionals will first section off and frame the area where the concrete will be poured into. They make a frame out of wood that will act as a containment for when the concrete is installed. The mold will eventually be taken off, but this helps ensure that the cement is poured at the right depth.

    Concrete Finishes

    Concrete is a material that anybody can get hold of, but we would not recommend trying to do a job without a licensed and skilled tradesman! Our concreting experts have a wealth of knowledge and the skillset, as well as the correct equipment to be able to finish a concrete surface so that it is both well durable, protected and looking professionally done. 
    There is an endless supply of concrete finishes you can have, depending on your preference and style you are looking to achieve. 
    We specialise in all different concrete finishes from exposed aggregate, stencil, coloured and stencil. 

    Exposed Aggregate

    Pro Concreter Craigieburn offer a professional repair services to for laying driveway, or patios, with exposed aggregate being a popular choice of decorative concrete for many! Our contractors have over 10 years experience in high-end, detailed concrete work& techniques, and we are confident that we can provide you with high quality finishes!

    Exposed aggregate concrete is perfect for outdoor patios, living areas, footpaths and swimming pools. You have all the durability of cement with a decorative, modern finish.

    If you’re in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and looking for a new exposed aggregate driveway.

    Customers love exposed aggregate as it is

    • Durable 
    • Highly slip resistant
    • Virtually unlimited colour and texture options
    • Low maintenance
    • Requires fewer additional materials or tools than other decorative techniques
    • Often lower cost than other decorative concrete
    • Resistant to extreme weather & heavy traffic

    Retaining Walls

    As mentioned above, concrete is a highly resistant and durable material which will offer a great solution when you are building retaining walls on your property. When you have walls 1.5 meters or higher, then retaining walls are the number one choice. Otherwise, we often will work with using timber retaining walls if the walls are lower than 1.5m, as this is often a more costly way of doing it. 
    Retaining Walls are the best option when it comes to protecting your home from flooding as it creates a support frame for your garden landscape. We recommend installing walls as opposed to using concrete sleepers. 

    We cover all Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

    • Craigieburn                       Fitzroy/ Brunswick
    • Reservoir                           Epping
    • Sunbury                             Bundoora
    • Tullamarine                       Donnybrook
    • Kalkallo                               Epping

    Stamped Concrete 

    It’s fair to say that “off the shelf” cement isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing surfacing sometimes. Stamped concrete can be a great solution to improve its visual appeal. Stamped concrete is also referred to as textured or imprinted concrete, as it It replicates other surfaces like patterns, slate, brick, wood, tile, stone, brick, slate, flagstone or any other textures. We offer stamped concrete to customers who are building new homes for their driveways, pool decks and flooring etc.
    Concrete has a range of benefits, but its visual appeal isn’t one of them.  Carving out patterns and other designs when the concrete is poured allows us to really improve the entire look and feel of the surfacing.


    Can I lay my own concrete slab?

    For DIY activities use a ready-mix crack-resistant concrete mix. Create a wood frame around the area you want to place concrete.

    • Pour a layer of concrete mix and then add a steel reinforcement balls layer on top.
    • Spray paint around the outside
    • Install the rebar securely in place
    • Tap the sides of the box using a hammer
    • Cover the slab with a plastic sheet
    • Remove the wooden frame.

    What’s the cost of laying a 20×20 slab?

    On average, a 20×20 slab costs $2,468. The cost per square foot is between $4 and $8 on average. However, most homeowners spend on average between $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot for both materials and installation.
    The final cost depends on slabs size, thickness, and any special reinforcement, e.g., wire mesh or rebar.

    What are concrete slabs used for?

    A concrete slab is a major structural element of modern buildings. Slabs have a thickness of between 100mm and 500mm and are used to construct horizontal surfaces like floors, ceilings and roof decks.

    How Thick Should a Concrete Slab Be?

    This is dependant on the purpose, but the minimum should be 5cm. If the slab is thicker, this means it will be stronger, so for residential constructions,  we normally go off the minimum of 10cm for a concrete shed or house slab.

    How Much Does it Cost to Lay a Concrete Slab?

    Similar to laying driveways, this will be affected by the size, width, accessibility and type of the proposed slab. The average cost for a company to do slab work would be around $60 per m2. However this can vary from $50-85/m2 depending on thickness.

    Is concrete better than asphalt for a driveway?

    Concrete driveways last longer than the asphalt driveways. However, concrete is relatively expensive to install compared to some materials. Besides, concrete can easily crack during winter or suffer damage in case you use the wrong de-icing products.
    On the other hand, Asphalt is flexible and less likely to crack. However, it requires more maintenance than concrete. A well-installed and maintained Asphalt driveway can last up to 25 years.

    Can I pour concrete over existing concrete?

    Adding a layer of concrete over existing concrete doesn’t join the two because the cement in the concrete doesn’t have a natural bonding agent. That means the concrete sits as a separate layer on top of the existing one. Thus, it doesn’t produce a robust and serviceable floor.
    Additionally, when you bond a block of new concrete to an old one, cracks in the old slab transfer up to the new slab within a day or two.

    How thick should concrete be for a driveway?

    4 inches. For a non-reinforced pavement, a thickness of four inches is standard for passenger car driveways. However, for 5 or 6 inches thickness, reinforcement is necessary, and such breadth works well for heavier vehicles.

    How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost?

    Residents in Victoria can expect to pay around $2,000 for a standard 30 m2 concrete driveway or approx $65/ m2 which includes both materials and labour cost.

    The overall cost will depend on the overall size of the job, preferred finish and decorations. If your driveway is sloped for example, this can easily add another $10per m2 on to the overall cost. Also, if you have additional work like exacavation or removal needing done, this can bring the price up to over $100per m2.

    For a 21 m2 driveway on level surface using standard practices with no decoration, you would be looking at approx $1,500 plus GST.

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